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Experience On Your Team

  • Our parent company – Somnia Inc ( – is a full service web development agency with 19+ years of experience building websites, applications and online tools for a wide range of clients from business of all sizes, to governments and multinational organizations.
  • In LaunchPlot we’ve leveraged those 19+ years of experience into systems and processes to give you the ultimate bang for your buck in a structured, white-glove website solution.

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Save Your Precious Time

  • Don’t waste your time with ‘easy’ website builders that drain your time and end up looking like DIY projects.
  • We take a very limited number of monthly engagements and focus exclusively on you.
  • We know that your most valuable asset is time. LaunchPlot is an all-inclusive system built to get your website online with limited time commitment from you while engaging your input extensively through our structured process.  How it works.
  • You’ll work with a single client rep, based in Canada (PST), toll free number

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A Website Solution For

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