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Common Questions What You Get Can I be at the top of Google?

Can I be at the top of Google?

We are often asked about achieving a precise rank in Google.  Anyone who makes promises about Google rank is not being honest!   There is no way to beat the system and rank is mostly dependent on the competition in your niche, the age of your website, inbound links and many factors that cannot be ‘fixed’ or manipulated.

That said, we will position you best for success!  Based on our expertise we will build, craft and write the proper content and strategy to help you rank.  We will discuss realistic goals, and target keywords that may be less competitive and possible to organically rank higher.

Your website includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to monitor your page rank and traffic in order to help you constantly improve it over time.

All of this expertise is included in the cost, and will be discussed throughout the process.