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Common Questions What You Get Can you make me a logo?

Can you make me a logo?

Logo design is best done as a stand alone project.  A well done logo requires a unique creative process and delivery of file formats and considerations not necessary for a website.

We require you to provide digital logo files to use in your website.  Your rep will explain the format required and how to share them with us.

Can we still proceed if I don’t have a logo?

Certainly!  This is a common issue, and not a show stopper.

In this case we will use your company name and create a simple but professional “LogoType”.  This graphic is used on your website as the visual identity but it would be text only, using a font matching your website.  This graphic would not be provided as a deliverable outside the website itself.

If I get a logo made later, can it be retrofit into my website?

Of course!  This is easy.  We can either give you some guidance on how to do this yourself or provide ad-hoc support at our hourly support rate.