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Common Questions What You Get How many pages does it include?

How many pages does it include?

Customers often ask this question, and it’s usually* not worth worrying about!  We will organize your content and setup an optimal website structure for your needs.  Typically this ranges from 6-20 pages, but could range up if you have a slightly larger content.  This is perfectly fine. We’ve built 100s of websites for a wide range of clients and are efficient at managing the process.

* Note: There are always exceptions 🙂  If you have a larger amount of content you require on your website, we can still work with it!  In this situation we would setup the first x% of pages in a template and then allow you to finish the population on your own.  For example if you had a large amount of photo galleries.  We would setup the first couple to give you a guide, then provide instructions on how to finish the job.  All of this would be discussed with your rep during the kickoff and planning phases.